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Shamrock Electric is a professional cleanroom builder in Chandler & Phoenix, AZ

When your company needs a professional cleanroom builder in Chandler & Phoenix, AZ, reach out to Shamrock Electric, Inc.

We have extensive experience building cleanrooms, including cleanrooms for large pharmaceutical companies. You'll be satisfied with our skilled, attentive cleanroom construction and cleanroom upgrade services.

What makes an effective cleanroom?

What makes an effective cleanroom?

Successful cleanroom construction work has many elements, including the work of an experienced electrician. Cleanrooms must be airtight. They must use careful temperature control, pressure control and air filters to maintain air quality and stable conditions. The room's electrical wiring must be just right, so that important equipment can operate without a hitch.

The professionals at Shamrock Electric understand the importance of attention to detail when building an effective cleanroom. Our experience and education will guide us to create an excellent cleanroom for your company. We're fully prepared to be your professional cleanroom builder.

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