Is Your Electrical Panel on the Fritz?

Call Shamrock Electric of Chandler & Phoenix, AZ for an electrical panel upgrade

When you need a local electrician to update your electrical panel, reach out to Shamrock Electric, Inc. We'll inspect your electrical system in your Chandler or Phoenix, AZ home and perform an electrical panel upgrade that matches your energy usage.

Unlike other companies that handle small electrical tasks like changing lightbulbs, our company focuses solely on large-scale work. You can count on us when you need help with complex electrical work, like a full electrical upgrade.

When should you replace your electrical panel?

When should you replace your electrical panel?

Do you want to know whether you should repair or replace your electrical panel? The experts at Shamrock Electric will guide you through your options. If it's not possible to maintain your current electrical panel, we may recommend a complete electrical upgrade.

Here are some signs that it's time to replace your electrical panel:

  • Your electrical panel is decades old
  • You have circuit breakers that trip or fail
  • You are expanding your home, thus expanding electricity use
  • Your lights flicker constantly or you see other signs of inefficient energy

If you see any of these signs, speak to a local electrician about getting a new electrical panel. We're well-equipped to handle your electrical panel upgrade. Reach out to us at 480-835-1969 today.