Update Your Home's Wiring

Update Your Home's Wiring

Schedule rewiring services in Chandler & Phoenix, AZ

Nearly 30% of house fires in the United States are caused by poor electrical wiring. Protect your household with the help of an electrician who can safely rewire your property. Shamrock Electric, Inc. offers rewiring services for clients in and around Chandler & Phoenix, AZ. We'll make sure your new wiring can handle the electrical load of your home.

Waiting to get rewiring services can endanger your family. Call 480-835-1969 now to speak with an electrician about rewiring your home.

5 signs you need rewiring services

Not sure if your home in Chandler & Phoenix, AZ needs to be rewired? It's crucial to get rewiring services as soon as you notice an issue. Here are some indicators that it's time to call an electrician:

  • You smell a burning odor in your home
  • Your home has aluminum wiring
  • Your circuit breakers trip frequently
  • You notice charring or discoloration around outlets
  • Your home is over 40 years old

Your electrician will inspect your home's electrical system and rewire it efficiently. You'll have peace of mind knowing your family is safe from electrical fires.